Sunday, March 27, 2011

I'm still here!

Sorry I haven't posted, it's been a little nuts around here. 

We went to Texas for a few days to help my Father-in-law, Don, celebrate his 80th.  I'd say he had fun... what do you think?

 The RV park had a huge party for him and it was a blast.  Since it was on St. Patty's day there was a corned beef and cabbage dinner, VERY GOOD food!  The woman in the picture lives at the park and was convinced to do a "Marilyn Monroe" style birthday song for Don.  Looks like he's enjoying himself!  Don's four brothers, their wives, and a couple of nieces and nephews had surprised them the day before, but he had no idea we (all three of his children, plus me) were coming down, or that the dinner was really a big party for him.  I have photos of both him and my Mother-in-law when they first saw us, but I'm not posting them today.  I'm saving those for blackmail!  Let's just say there was some screaming and crying.

The next day some of us sat here:

for a few hours, and it was a very good day.  I learned that I need to be MUCH more careful to cover all exposed skin with sunscreen or I end up with bright red "sun tattoos" that last a few days.

The last full day we were there I had the chance to do something I've wanted to do since I first heard about it:  attend the belt sander races!  I can't tell you how much fun this was, and it afforded me more opportunites for "sun tattoos" as well!  I had no idea there was a Belt Sander Racing Association, and it still makes me laugh. I bought a hat and tee shirt to commemerate this day.  Here is a shot of some of the sanders, with the track in the background:

There are two types of sanders that race, stock and modified.  The sanders in the foreground of that picture are some of the modified racers we got to see.  The sanders on the further table are some of the stock racers.

Here are a couple of racers getting ready for the big race.  Our friend John, another resident of the RV park is the racer in the tan tee shirt, on the right:

 And here are the sanders, mid race, neck and neck!  Although John lost this race it was so fun to watch!

 The races were at the Pelican bar and grill, and they mix those drinks STRONG!  Add that to no lunch and sitting in the sun for hours... I'm glad we were within walking distance to the hotel!

Sunday we headed home.  Tuesday it snowed.  I'm ready to go back to Texas!

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