Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Share the love!

I won the HappiLeigh Scrappin' challenge AND the Iheart2stamp challenge!   YAY!  New digis for me!

AND Starla at YouCouldBeWishingOnAStar gave me an award:

and here's the rules...

This award is to highlight lesser-known blogs of worth!  When a person is presented with this award, if they choose to participate, they post saying they accept this award and present it to 3-5 blogs they deem worthy of following.    Since this award is for lesser-known blogs, please try to pick ones with few followers.

I have discovered numerous blogs that I enjoy, I chose these for the award:

1. Ileana at I Scrap Designs
2. Leigh at HappiLeigh Scrappin'
3. Brenda at Brenscraps

Check them out!!


Starla B. said...

YOU share the love and quit winning everything! LOL Just kidding. I'm so proud of you, mom! Congrats!!

Brenda said...

Dang it girls!! lol, I have two of you!! who do I give it back to!!

Happileigh Scrappin' said...

Thank you Vicki, so super sweet.