Friday, March 4, 2011

How was YOUR day?

WARNING:  Long story!

You know how some days are really good, and some are really NOT good?  Today was a mixture of really good AND really not good. 

I worked my normal half-day (gotta love Friday) and was going to pick up my mother for lunch.  Since I was about an hour early I stopped at the local discount store to putz around a bit.  Last time I was there I got this GREAT sweater, feels like cashmere, not too heavy but still warm... LOVE the sweater.  They were on CLEARANCE today!  WOO HOO!  I picked up 4 of them in assorted colors because I loved the sweater at $20 but I ADORE the sweater at $4. Great day, right?

Then I went to pick up my mother.  We went to lunch at Friday's where they were having a promotion that if you ordered off this little menu you would get a $10 gift card.  Since we eat there regularly we decided to splurge today in order to save tomorrow.  We each got the flat iron steak with mashed potatoes and broccoli, and it was perfect. Great food and two gift cards! Good day still!

We did a little shopping and on the way back to her house, ***POP*** my Rodeo's muffler fell off and started dragging on the ground.  Suddenly a really good day is a BAD DAY.  I made it to her house and called my husband, who told me to go ahead and drive the car home... with the muffler dragging all the way.  I took as many back roads as I could, but still ended up driving on some main roads (no highways, thank God) making an AWFUL racket.  It's noisy enough without a muffler, never mind dragging the stupid thing along with me!  The kids along my route had a good time though.  Every one of them, without exception, bent way down to the ground to watch the show underneath my truck.

So I guess my day was mediocre, if you average it out.  How was yours?


C said...

Well, that was a crappy ending! But you did SCORE on those sweaters, yay you!


Ileana said...

Oh, Vicki! I feel your pain. That has happened to me twice. Sparks flying and everything.