Monday, July 25, 2011

My Dad is turning 80!

Dad will be 80 years old on the 30th so I HAD to make him a card!  I wasn't going to post it, on the off chance he would read this, but I'm really looking for some opinions here... so let me say this first:

DAD!  Quit reading this RIGHT NOW, YOUNG MAN!  No peeking!

Okay, now, there's a back story to this card.  When talking to my dad on the phone he always used to say "Hey, it's my favorite middle child!"  I told him that wasn't good enough and made him change it to "favorite child."  Then, when he was saying that regularly I had him change it to "favorite PERSON."  Now we're up to "favorite person in the universe, and beyond!"  See how well I can train him?  LOL!  I love my dad! 

Anyway I created this card just for him (and, Dad, if you're still reading... you're GROUNDED!):

Do you like it?  I hope he does!  =D


Jennifer Scull said...

oh he is going to love it!!! please tell him happy birthday from all of your bloggy friends! :)

Starla B. said...

So fun!! He IS going to love it. I can already see him laughing. =D I can't wait to see him open it!

C said...
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C said...

This time I will spell it correctly.

I love the story and the card!