Saturday, July 9, 2011

July ATC swap

It's time for the July ATC swap.  I have to say how much I've been enjoying these swaps.  The cards I've received have been gorgeous!  The theme for July is Shoes or Purses, I chose purses because I found a fun stamp.  I got it at the Rubber Stamp Expo, and as soon as I can remember the name of the company I'll edit this post and add it. (ETA:  Found it!  The stamp is from Too Much Fun.  The link is to the page with the folding purses, but check out the shirts and other stuff too!) Here's my ATC:

 And here it is when the purse is open:
Isn't that fun?  LOL!  I used a stamp to make the patterned paper, added a sentiment, used velcro as the closer for the purse, put some bling in the upper rt hand corner, printed and cut some monopoly money, and added a silver bow as final touch.  Do you like it?


Starla B. said...

This is so awesome! Fabulous job. I can't wait to get mine!! =D

C said...

Cute! That is something I have wanted to do, ATC and FATC.

some day . . .