Sunday, April 17, 2011

Something different!

Hi!  I took a little break from card making this week.  A friend asked me to come up with a simple-yet-elegant pendant and earring set for her.  She's going to be giving them to another friend.  I decided to do a few sets and let her choose.  These are what I came up with:

This stone is Kyanite.  I wish I was better able to capture the beauty of the stone with my camera.  The chatoyance is amazing.  There is some interesting information on the metaphysical properties of kyanite here.

This is Charoite and again my camera skills fail me.  These stones are also filled with fire.  They must be seen to be believed!  Charoite is said to be a stone of transformation and is used to overcome fears.  It's also used to stimulate your inner vision.

When I bought these stones they were not named.  They look like turquoise, but I don't want to misrepresent them.  They ARE pretty!

This set and the next both are made with Chrysoprase.  I think it's interesting that Chrysoprase is supposed to ward off negative energy.  It's also considered a symbol of friendship and good luck. 

I added Swarovski crystals to all of the earrings and a couple of the pendants, and the wire in each piece is sterling silver.

Which set, if any, do YOU like best?


C said...

They are all beautiful! I love that graceful curve of the silver - is it wire? - on the pendants. The second set is my fave. How funny, I was thinking of you today as I sorted a big mess of beads I bought at a garage sale on Saturday, wondering if you had made any jewelry lately. Hug your girl for me.

Karel said...

I love the 4th one down. The square green. It's gorgeous!

Starla B. said...

So, so pretty! The Kyanite is my favorite...I LOVE that stone, and I think that is my favorite setting. You did a fabulous job on all of them! I'm sure she will love them, and have a hard time choosing. Maybe she should just buy all of them! LOL

Reflections from Granny said...

Beautiful, love the colors and the one that looks like turquoise, stunning!