Thursday, November 17, 2011

What I've been up to.

I've been busy, but not blogging.  Bad, I know, but hopefully this will catch you up!

I got a different vehicle and don't remember if I blogged about it before or not, so forgive me if I'm repeating myself.  There was a recall on my Isuzu Rodeo, which I loved, that they couldn't fix on my specific vechicle.  LONG story short, Isuzu bought it back from me for about $1000 less than I had paid for it 2 1/2 years previously.  I added more $$ to that and got THIS:

Yes, I'm driving a Prius these days!  I am very happy with it, and you can't beat the mileage!!  I might miss the 4WD this winter, and I do sometimes miss the cargo capacity of the Rodeo but you would be surprised how much you can cram into a Prius!  LOL!


Also, because I don't have enough hobbies (insert eye-rolling emoticon here), I decided to take sewing lessons!  When I went to the basic class I dug out my old Brother sewing machine and took it with me.  At the class I couldn't get the stupid thing to go into reverse.  BAH.  Got it home, got it to reverse stitch, then it wouldn't go forward!  I really wanted to throw it across the room, but with my luck it would have hit the TV and Jim would never forgive me if I hurt that thing.  He did a little research on the internet and discovered that the "getting stuck in reverse" problem is common with the machine I had, so I went to Costco and got THIS:

Ain't it PURTY?  LOL!  It was on sale and I'm thrilled.  I took my second class on Tuesday and made a pretty pillow.  On December 1 I'm taking a class to make a valance for the back entry area window, then later in December I have a couple of classes to make a fleece jacket.  This one:
The lower right hand corner view.  Cute, right?! 
We had a craft sale at the local high school on the Saturday before Halloween.  I sold some jewlery, Star sold some cards, but it wasn't a big money maker.  This used to be a good show for us, but the last couple of years have been harsh.  Stupid economy.  When I barely make enough to cover the cost of the booth it's time to hang it up.  Made me sad to say goodbye to the show, and to know I don't have any on the horizon, but it will allow me to focus on other hobbies for a while.  I'm not forsaking jewelry forever, just taking a bit of a break!
And I'm getting my Christmas cards made.
That's about it for me.  What have YOU been up to?


Starla B. said...

Holy goodness! That's a lot of info packed into one little post. Hope everyone's caught up now! =D

Made by Mandy said...

oooh look at your new car, one of our friends has had one recently and loves his for fuel economy etc.

Good luck with your sewing classes. You'l soon be looking at how things are made to see if you can do it yourself.

Sorry to hear the craft show wasn't too good. I know many people on my blog list who have done them over the years and they are all saying pretty much the same thing this year. Foot fall is down obviously affecting sales and just not enough money to go round. Same here in the UK, weekly shop that used to cost £40 ish ($70) is now £70 ish ($100)

I start a new part time job on Monday. 2 days a week, wages not the greatest but only 5 minutes away from home and parking no problem so has definite advantages :)

Love Mandy xxx