Sunday, August 3, 2014

Wow... almost a year

since my last post.  I really do suck at this!  LOL!  It's a good thing no one is counting on me for their entertainment.  =D

In the last year:  my grandson has grown cuter (and I didn't even think that was possible), I have not won the lottery so am still forced to work at a real job, and I have read some really good books.

I've also made some fun shirts so I'm going to post a few of those here:

This one for my daughter, so she never forgets:

This one I made for myself and wore over at my Dad's on Father's Day:

I gave this one to my MIL because she admired it:

Some fun here with variegated thread (red/white/blue hearts for the 4th of July):

The front (heart with wings) and back of a shirt I did for myself.  The veteran ribbon is smaller and at the center neckline on the back o the shirt:

This one is hard to see all of the colors, especially the little feather I put at the back collar line.  I love the elegance of the swan and the fun of the Art Deco style:

 This shirt was a gift for my father on Father's Day.  He's a big fan of trains so I thought this would be fun.  When I went over for the BBQ (which was amazing, thank you Jamie and Sam!) I handed him his new shirt and he immediately went to put it on.  Yay!  What a fun day with the extended families (my SIL Sam had her family there as well)!

It looks like the back of the shirt (caboose) is a different color.  Odd, but of course not true.  The blue of the front is the actual color of the shirt.  Brought out the blue of my dad's eyes!

There were more, but that's enough for this post.  Maybe I'll be back before next summer to post more!  =D

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C said...

Those are amazing - beautiful!