Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Have you missed me?

Hello again!  I'm such a slug, I should have updated this blog long ago.  Sorry!

It's still not Spring in Minnesota.  =(  I can't believe snow is in this weekend's forecast.  BAH.

I've been holding off on posting pictures of the embroidery projects I did for Christmas gifts, because not all the gifts have been GIVEN yet.  Yes, my sister from CA is dragging her feet about coming home.  Can't imagine why... (see the previous paragraph). So here are SOME of the things I have done, more to follow!

You know I have a new grandson, these shirts were made for:

 My Dad:
 My Mom:
 My Husband:
 My Son-In-Law 
 This was another I made for Mom:
 Dish towel sets I made for some of the ladies in the family:
This one was for me:
Tee shirt for me...
I think I showed you this one before.  My Fair shirt:
Another one for me.  I LOVE this design!

There are a bunch more but I have to save something for another post!

Last night was a lot of fun.  I took a Thai Stir-Fry cooking class, and it was wonderful.  So glad I decided to take that one!  The beef curry was out of this world and I will definitely make that again.  The cashew chicken too, since Jim is not a big fan of curry.  Tomorrow night is another class, International Dumplings.  It'll be extra fun because my friend, Mary, is taking the class with me.  

Have a good week!  Or month... whatever.  I'll be back when I have more pictures!

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