Friday, November 16, 2012

Good grief!

Has it really been 7 months since I posted?!  Obviously blogging is not my strong point.  Sorry!

So much has been going on!  My darling daughter is FINALLY going to make me a grandmother.  The baby is due in early December and we are on pins and needles.  This little boy is already very loved, and a lot of people can't wait to meet him.  After THAT news everything else is minor.

I had carpal tunnel surgery in September and was out of work for 8 weeks.  I took advantage of the time off to spend 10 days with my sister at her house in San Jose, CA.  We had a day in Monterey and one in  San Francisco, and spent one weekend in the Calistoga mountains camping with horses.  All in all a perfect get-away.  Here are some pictures I took while I was there:


The view from my sister's front yard:

I've finished making my Christmas cards and am going to get them in the mail next week.  Maybe.  I wish there were a way to print labels from my Google Contacts.  If anyone knows how please leave the instructions in the comments!

There has been some jewelry made, and some embroidery done.  Getting ready for Christmas, and trying to CREATE some of the gifts that will be given this year.

That's about it!  What have YOU been up to?

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