Friday, March 9, 2012

I HAD to share this!

Two posts in two days... what's the deal, right?  I had to share the coolest EASY dessert idea I found on Pintrest:

Individual 1-2-3 cake!

Can't wait to make one!

As long as I'm here, I did a little more sewing last night and finished the valances I all-but-finished in November.  It's so nice to have them DONE!  Of course I had to hang one of them immediately and take a picture, so here is one small part of one of the valances:

I still need to buy the blinds for the window directly to the right of this one (they meet in the corner of the rear entry to our house), then I can hang the valance.  I like it!

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Starla B. said...

Mmmm, cake... LOL Sounds fabulous. WOW, your valence looks awesome!!I really like that fabric. So pretty!! I need to get sewing on my stuff. My goal: finish the skull houndstooth purse this week.