Sunday, January 2, 2011

First post for the New Year...

I feel like it should be something momentous.  Unfortunately, I've got nothing.  Sorry!

The weather over New Year's weekend has been awful.  I'm lucky not to have had to go anywhere, the roads were icy and in many places undriveable (is that a word?). 

My daughter and son-in-law headed out early Friday morning from Minneapolis to drive to Grand Forks, ND, typically a 5 hour drive.  They were going to my SIL's sister's wedding, where he was to give away the bride, on Saturday afternoon.  Friday afternoon they had to stop in Fergus Falls, MN, as the roads were treacherous and the Highway Patrol closed the highway in both directions.  The roads were closed all day Saturday, and they missed the wedding.  I'm so sad for them, especially for him.  They tried as hard as they could, the stupid weather was against them.  Star said there were people at the hotel who were 20 minutes from home and couldn't get there!  Another brother gave away the bride, who was beautiful, and the wedding was lovely(they could see bits and pieces on the church webcam, but the video was choppy and unreliable).

Here are the Thank You cards I made and will be sending out this week:

The ribbon is shiny silver but doesn't show up well in the photo.

Yesterday was another new meal cooked in the pressure cooker!  I made Three Bean Turkey Chili from Lorna Sass' book Pressure Perfect.  I can tell already that this book is going to be a favorite resource.

Speaking of books, I finished Two Rivers which was good.  It was a sad book, with an uplifting ending that I never saw coming.  Now I'm reading Sugar and Spice by Saffina Desforges.  I'm only 10% in, but I'm hooked.

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Starla B. said...

Yay! I love the cards! Mmmm...chili.... =)